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Angela Morgenstern

Confidence Coach & Counsellor

BA Counselling

I was born and raised in Germany and have lived in New Zealand for >20 years. I live in a loving and fulfilling partnership, and have two adult children who pursue their own successful journeys in life. We moved to New Zealand in 1994 and loved the natural environment here so much that we decided to stay.

When I was young, my first love in life was for written and spoken words, such as those found in story books and fairy tales. 


After leaving school, I worked for a publishing house and became involved in international book fairs. My entire life I’ve genuinely been interested in people and what they choose to share about their lives: from books, art and interviews, to different cultures, traditions, philosophies and religions, and whether they lived a simple, poor, average or wealthy life.

I’ve noticed that when we move through life, everything changes within us and around us. In fact, change is vital for healthy living, but it is often perceived as a challenge that has the potential to upset, imbalance or scare us.

Although I was educated in Germany, I did my professional counsellors training (Community Counselling Skills; BA Counselling) here in New Zealand, which came with its own unique challenges. When I arrived in New Zealand, my English was as strong as a four year olds. Therefore, in order to do my degree, I first needed to translate the question into my native tongue, answer it, and then translate this answer back into English. However, this process has given me the ability to effectively communicate with clients from many different cultural backgrounds. In 2004 I was awarded my degree and have been working as a counsellor since. I am a full member of NZAC and continue to improve my knowledge of the latest research on how the human body and mind work by regularly attending professional workshops and seminars.

I have 17 years experience in counselling / coaching, and my speciality is in helping people feel confident about themselves and to thrive in life. I’ve worked both in a private practice and for a number of different organisations over the years, and have helped a wide spectrum of different people to improve their lives.

I take a holistic view when working with people, which includes assessing their physical health, lifestyle and relationships. My fundamental tools are respect and integrity mixed with a blend of common sense and fun. Using a wide variety of approaches enables me to find the tools that best fit the client and their unique situation, which helps them to transform their life for the better.

For appointments tel 027 416 2022

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