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Nutrients and Herbs

We have a range of quality natural remedies in stock that have been approved by our doctors. These are available at discounted prices to our patients and to members of the public.
A selection of our more general products are shown on this page. We have a much greater range of specialty products as well.
We stock a select range of natural remedies because this enables us to:
  • Maintain a regular supply.


  • Supply patients with minimum delay.


  • Sell the products more cheaply than other sources.


  • Obtain information direct from the supplier rather than via a middle person.


We believe that all our patients should have as much information as possible about their treatment options and our practice. We also support our patients having the choice to shop elsewhere.

In general terms, the arrangements in respect of most products is that the products are sold to you at a charge considerably less than retail which does however cover our costs in researching, stocking and dispensing the product.


We pay for products on receipt and would appreciate it if you could do likewise to keep prices down for all patients and for our practice. With the lower mark up that we have than normal retail outlets it makes it difficult financially for us to provide credit. Please do not ask staff if they can do this for you.


 If you would rather that any particular treatment is not offered to you, please inform us accordingly.


Thank you for choosing to use our centre.

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