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Hi, I’m Vanessa I am the HIP for Manuka Health Centre.

I am here on Tuesdays. I like working with individuals

and whanau to support their journey to maintain good


My role is to support your GP’s/nurses and to work with

you to manage your overall health and wellbeing. This

includes managing chronic conditions well and coping

with issues which impact on your daily life – this may be

coping with change, difficulties with sleep, grief,

managing mood, and/or learning skills to manage

anxiety, stress, or pain.

I am available face to face in the clinic or for a phone


The appointment length is 30 mins and is free to all.

If you would like to speak me, either mention this to

your nurse or GP, or book an appointment with our

wonderful admin team on 04 939 1299.

Same day appointments are often possible too.

Nga Mihi


Health Improvement Practitioner

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