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Bee a Happy Doctor

Lessons from the Front-line of General Practice

Here at Manuka Health Centre we pride ourselves on being a happy team of doctors, nurses, receptionists and practice manager.

We all have families and other outside interests, and we recognise the importance of having time in our lives. 

While it is challenging to achieve a successful balance, over the years we have come to value and promote the following key principles for our team at Manuka. Now, more than ever, with increasing workloads and patient demands, it is essential to protect ourselves and our team.

Here is how we maintain a good work life balance:


  1. Get a good night's sleep- 30% of adults complain of sleep disruption and Doctors are not immune. We all perform better on a good night's sleep.

  2. Exercise on a daily basis, especially in nature. We have a shower at the practice for staff who wish to exercise in their lunchtime, and the doctors have a two hour break over lunch.

  3. Eat a good nutritional diet-of course, we don't to tell you that, but always good to have a reminder. We try to have healthy food on offer for our lunchtime meetings.

  4. Watch the alcohol-we all know where it leads, but a little in moderation with friends can be healthy.

  5. Keeping collegiality and supportive friendships at work. We have monthly in practice peer review and clinical meetings. But the coffee room is also a good meeting place for a catch up after surgery.

  6. Know when to reach out for supervision counselling and extra support. We look out for each other. 

  7. Keep the funometer topped up- sharing experiences and having a laugh is essential for team spirit.

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