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HEALTH 365 Patient Portal

It’s your health - Manage it online 24/7

Patient Portal - Health 365.


This new online service lets you:

- Make appointments with your GP

- Order repeat prescriptions

- Track your laboratory results

- Monitor your personal follow-up plan

- Follow your account payments


What is the Patient Portal?

It's a new convenient and secure online service to manage your healthcare that is provided in partnership with your GP.

It gives you secure access to your own medical records and a wide range of other services that make it easy to manage your own healthcare.

What can I do with the Patient Portal?

Access our services any time, anywhere online from your PC, tablet, or smart phone.

What does it cost?

There is no cost to register for this service, it is sponsored by the practice. Charges apply on a per use basis for some services- for example the minimum fee for an email response from your GP is $10. Details are in the terms and conditions document and include normal prescription charges and all online GP services.

How do I get access to the Patient Portal?

It’s easy. Just read the terms and conditions that follow, sign the consent form. To protect your privacy you must BRING your own form and photo ID to reception. We will register you on the portal within 72 hours then send you a confirmation email. Once you receive this email, just follow the link to the website and enter the user name and password provided. You will be prompted to agree to the websites terms and conditions and to change your password. Then you're ready to go!

How Secure is my information through the Patient Portal?

Your security is our highest priority. You and your GP have absolute control over who can access your data. We provide a channel, guarded by multiple layers of encryption. Which connects you with the data stored by your GP. Your information is protected by a user name and password. This is why we will no longer be accepting clinical related service requests via email – you must use the portal for the greater protection it provides.

Questions about the portal?

If you have any questions, concerns, problems with the portal please ask any member of our team for assistance, if we don't know , we'll soon find out and help you. We want this to be as easy as possible.

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