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Help us to stay open to help you

 Coronavirus Healthline number 0800 358 5453 

Please help us to be able to continue to provide medical services by following the information below. If our staff become unwell, we will be limited in the services we provide, so please help us to keep our staff safe. These measures will also protect other patients visiting the centre.

If you have a cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, loss of smell with or without fever, please ring for a triage appointment with the nurse. If she thinks you need to be seen by a doctor, we will ask you to wait for your appointment in the car park rather than come into our waiting room. Just call reception to tell us that you have arrived and what your car looks like.

  • Please do not come into Manuka if you are self-isolating.  If you need medical care, we may be able to help on the phone, or if you need to be seen, our staff can put on protective gear and see you in the carpark. Please do not come into reception.

    Telephone and Video Consultations

  • We are offering telephone or video consultations throughout the next 6 months as an alternative to coming into the waiting room. This is to reduce the risk of infection for all our patients. However, there may be times when the doctor needs to see you in person for an examination and you will be advised of this. The cost of a telephone or virtual consultation is the same as for a face to face consultation. 

  • Video Consultations - more information
    Please let reception know if you prefer a video consultation. You do not need special software or an app. You will be emailed a link which you type into google and the Doctor will then be able to invite you into the virtual waiting room.


General Coronavirus advice

1.To prevent your chances of catching Coronavirus, practice good hand hygiene. Wash your hands repeatedly with hot soapy water throughout the day, and when you have made contact with anyone else.  Hand sanitiser is a second-best if available.

2.If you do have a respiratory infection, please ring to discuss with the nurses as you may need a GP appointment and /or a Covid swab.  Please ring for advice if you feel unwell. 

3.We strongly suggest influenza vaccination to all those over 65 years of age and all those with other medical issues. The vaccine will not protect against Coronavirus but will hopefully reduce your chances of getting a similar type of infection.  Please ring reception to book your appointment.

4. Ensure home medication supplies-You do not need to stockpile medication; however, it is sensible to ensure your supplies do not run out.  Ask for a new prescription about 1-2 weeks before your current supplies dry up. It is worth keeping some paracetamol and ibuprofen (if you can take it) at home in case you develop a fever. Asthmatics should have a good supply of their inhalers and appropriate spacer devices if required. 


5. There is no current treatment that works for Coronavirus apart from supportive measures. Drugs like Tamiflu DO NOT help.  Because Coronavirus is a viral infection, antibiotics DO NOT help.


6. Follow Ministry of Health advice regarding travel safety. Be aware of rules around quarantine if you do travel overseas.
The Healthline number for all Coronavirus enquiries is 0800 358 5453 

7.For up to date information go to


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