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Leah Foxcroft-De Wijze

Full member of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors

ACC accredited counsellor (sensitive claims)

Masters in Education (Massey University), Graduate Diploma in Counselling (WelTech)

Transactional Analysis psychotherapist in training (International Transactional Analysis Association)


Focus areas:

  • Emotional regulation (depression, anxiety and anger)

  • Grief work (including suicide and family members)

  • Domestic abuse

  • Sexual Abuse

  • Stress Management

  • Trauma


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Kia ora! My name is Leah. I came to Aotearoa New Zealand from South Africa in 1999. I landed in Wellington on a sunny day, fell in love with it and have been here ever since. I enjoy the wind, the sea air and the shimmering light that is different to anywhere else in the world. Before I qualified as a counsellor I worked as a high school teacher. Next I became an adult education trainer before moving into the world of e-learning design where I still like to dabble. I have a decade's worth of experience working in the mental health field, predominantly for NGOs such as Skylight Trust, ThroughBlue, Samaritans, and various women centres. I also have a private practice. 


I work with adults and teenagers (all genders) as well as facilitating a support group for women who have experienced rape or sexual abuse. People who come to see me are usually experiencing grief, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety or anger. Some have experienced past abuse and have a history of trauma which is often connected to their early relationship experiences. By working through these attachment issues and their life scripts, we learn how to better regulate extreme emotions and live a more purposeful life. 


When I work with clients and tangata whai ora, I first do an assessment to find out exactly what they need and are expecting before developing a plan with agreed goals. I can assist you with strategies for coping with maladaptive thinking and self-regulation of overwhelming emotions. And sometimes, I will simply listen and work with you as you come to terms with previous harmful life events. 

I use a variety of different treatment methods, ranging from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to psychodynamic psychotherapy, depending on the needs of the person I am seeing. I specialise in the transactional analysis method of therapy. A central belief of transactional analysis is that human beings are free, autonomous beings who are capable of change. There is always hope that we can do things differently once our scripts (the stories we tell ourselves about our lives) are brought into awareness.

 Contact details: 


Phone: 0225368337


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