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Liz Lander

I am a registered naturopath who is committed to helping people maximise their hormonal and reproductive health. I have a degree in Biochemistry from Warwick University (England) and a diploma in Naturopathy from the NZ Naturopathic College in New Plymouth.

Naturopathy uses natural methods to promote health and treat disease. The whole person is treated – a naturopath looks for underlying causes of disease and treatment includes looking at factors such as diet, exercise and lifestyle (eg smoking, drinking, sleep and stress). A naturopath works with patients to help them bring their lives and bodies back into balance. Supplements and herbal formulas may be prescribed as part of your treatment plan, some of which can be purchased through the health centre.

I find all areas of health extremely interesting and am able to treat a range of conditions but I am particularly keen to help women who have problems with hormonal conditions and fertility issues. To this end, I have undertaken the Natural Fertility Management (NFM) training offered by the Jocelyn Centre, Sydney.

NFM is a very successful fertility programme which can be adapted for couples who have a variety of fertility issues. The programme aims to provide an adequate supply of all the nutritional factors which you need to maximise your fertility, as well as an absence of factors which might compromise your reproductive health. A comprehensive supplement programme is recommended and extra formulations may be needed to correct any pre-existing hormonal imbalances.

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Tel: 027 552 6622
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