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Safe Streaming at Manuka



With the current changes to the traffic light system and the introduction of vaccine passes we need to implement some changes on how we manage appointments at Manuka Health Centre.

There will be three streams of patients:

· Red stream

· Green stream

· Blue stream

Red stream patients are our patients who have any of the following symptoms:

· Cough

· Fever

· Runny nose

· Loss of sense of smell or taste

· Sore throat

· Shortness of breath

You will be assessed over the phone first. The red stream patients will be seen in our cabin with the team wearing full PPE.

Green stream patients are our patients who are fully vaccinated or are unvaccinated children under 12 years and three months of age,and not presenting with any respiratory symptoms. These patients will also be assessed by our reception team and at red stream you will initially be offered a telephone or virtual consultation. The GP who sees you will then decide if you need to be seen in the surgery.

Blue stream are our patients over 12 years and three months of age who are not vaccinated or unable to

be vaccinated. If you are in this group, you will be offered a phone or video consultation in the first

instance. If your doctor or nurse feels you need to have a face to face appointment, alternative

arrangements will be make for your appointment.

To determine which colour stream you are in, our reception/nursing team will be checking vaccine status

and you may also be asked for your vaccine status while being assessed.

Thanks for your understanding during this difficult period. Our intention with the above process is to

enable us to continue to provide health care to all our patients and at the same time keep everyone safe.

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