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Dr Robyn Langlands

Clinical Psychologist



Every one of us experiences pain and loss. Sometimes we get stuck in a place of fear, sadness, or anger. We do the same things over and over again. It can be hard to imagine how things could be different. I believe that change is always possible. We often need help to shift into a new way of being. 

Therapy can create change by helping you to: process distressing emotions and past experiences, identify old patterns that are no longer serving you well, and learn new ways of relating to yourself and others. 

I work with individual adults who are feeling distressed, sad, or depressed; experiencing worry and anxiety; or struggling with grief and loss. I also work with women who are finding it difficult to cope during pregnancy or after having a baby, and parents who want to strengthen their relationships with their children.


My intention in every session is to provide you with a safe, confidential space where we can explore what you want and need. I will listen carefully and compassionately – without making assumptions or passing judgement – so that I can work alongside you to create change. In my practice, I draw on evidence-based therapies, primarily Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Both CBT and ACT have been shown to be effective across a wide range of issues.


I was awarded my PhD in Psychology in 2012 and my Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology in 2013. I have experience in a variety of areas, including maternal mental health and child and adolescent mental health. I live in Lower Hutt with my husband, our son, one dog and two cats.  



Phone: 022 345 2294



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