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Tanya Friel


M. Ost; B. App Sc; Osteo Paeds

I am a Bulgarian and moved here with my kiwi husband and two children in 2019. I initially trained as a biathlon coach (cross country skiing and shooting) and worked as a personal trainer in London which helped me gain a good understanding of posture, biomechanical movement and the benefits of physical fitness.


An unfortunate road traffic accident led me to seek an osteopathic treatment which was so beneficial that inspired me to further my career and train as an osteopath. After graduating from the British School of Osteopathy in London in 2014 I started my own practice in a large corporate company where I integrated the use of soft tissue, joint mobilisation and sports rehabilitation techniques which are successful for treating a wide variety of complaints.


As part of my two years post-graduate training I specialised in paediatrics using primarily craniosacral osteopathic approach of treating children, anti-natal and postnatal patients. Since living in Wellington I have been working at Hataitai Osteopaths and had very busy and varied practice treating people of different ages and all walks of life.

What is Osteopathy:

Osteopathy is a recognised form of complimentary healthcare. Osteopathy use a holistic approach of assessing the body and how it’s systems interrelate and function as a whole. Good function of the musculoskeletal system has a

profound effect on the rest of the body: the respiratory system, circulation, lymphatics, digestion and last but not least the emotional well-being. A harmonious relationship between these different functions is essential for good health.


Osteopathy supports the body’s own innate ability to rebalance and heal.

An osteopathic assessment is very detailed and looks at every presenting complaint individually in order to understand the root of the problem. The osteopathic treatment can helps a wide range of problems including lower

back and neck pain; peripheral joint dysfunctions, headache, stress related problems and much more.

As a registered osteopath I am able to see ACC patients.

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